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Making Christ Known in Northern Virginia

A note from one of our Pastors (October 2017)

My thanks and congratulations to the ministerial staff that worked so hard to make this summer significant for the children and students. I’m sure that there will be memories for a life time and experiences that will enrich many lives for the Kingdom of God. The reports related in this newsletter were only made possible because of the willingness of leaders who gave of their time, energy, and creativity. Well done and thanks be to God.

It seems that there is never a slow season for our church. We are now in the fall session of our Disciple Training Course, back in Sunday School, and performing arts along with the great number of fall activities. So why all this expenditure and effort? Because the love of Jesus is calling us to reach the people around us and convey His message of grace and redemption. We are a people both called and inspired to reach our world for Jesus. Sometimes that opportunity is presented right next door and sometimes it is at great distances. But knowing our purpose makes every day exciting to see whom the Lord will bring across our path. I hope that you are praying for spiritual awakening in our country and for the return of honoring God in our land. Lord, let it start with me and allow me to bear fruit that remains. Amen.

With the recent violent attacks and the natural disasters, you may find people more open to the Lord than we have seen in many years. Let’s all be ready to share our faith with those around us that together our cities and nations will come to Jesus. Certainly, this is our heart cry and deep desire. May we see the dry bones come to life and springs of living water flow through this land again!


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