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Latest messages from our senior pastor and assistant pastors.

A note From One of Our Pastors (Nov 2016)

Looking back and reflecting on the events surrounding our recent presidential election, we see powerful forces at work that would divide our country. The Bible is clear that a house divided cannot stand.  It is so important that God’s people pray regularly for our country and its leaders. “First of all then, I urge that […]

A Note From One of Our Pastor (July 2016)

“Making Christ known”. That’s the motto of Shepherd Gate Church. You see it in the logo on our marquee, our banner, our website, even our little business cards. We believe that this means more than sharing a good sermon on Sunday morning and posting it to our website. It means more than our Sunday schools, […]

A Note From One of Our Pastor (January 2016)

A Higher Calling In all of Paul’s letters to the various churches where he ministered, he begins by saying “I always thank God for you in my prayers”. That’s the way I feel about my ministry as administrative pastor at Shepherd Gate. When I began this ministry 5 years ago, in September 2010, believe me, […]

A Note From One of Our Pastor (October 2015)

As a boy, I learned that my grandpa was a paint foreman for the Burlington Rail Road. He painted depots and bridges and anything that needed to be painted. I then saw the bridge over the Missouri River that he painted, and thought that was quite a job! My mother told me that that bridge […]

A Note From Our Pastor (July 2015 #2)

Perspective. This is an interesting concept and we should always try to keep perspective especially in a ‘live in the present’ time we find ourselves. With 24 hour news cycles and a bombardment of opinions and commentaries, it is easy to get caught hanging in the balance and failing to remember the lessons of history […]

A Note From One of Our Pastor (July 2015)

Discipleship Training Course & Outreach (DTC) Spring 2015 The DTC this spring at our church was life changing. From February through April we received divine teachings from Youth With A Mission ( missionaries on topics so critical to walking intimately with God and serving Him. This included 10 weekends of life-changing teaching and worship, followed […]

A Note from One of Our Pastor (April 2015)

I always enjoyed team sports. I grew up with baseball, football, basketball, and soccer but mostly concentrated on football and soccer in high school and then soccer in college. I’ve often spoke about the beneficial lessons learned from team sports and how it can shape positive character traits in us. I am now enjoying working […]

Daniel Duis

A Note From Pastor Duis

2014 proved to be one of the best years yet. I say that as we saw the providence of God throughout the year in the adding personnel to the church as well as improvements to the building and grounds and the birth of really exciting ministries. Where often these things would have been a distant […]

David Sanborn

Passion Times

William Shakespeare’s Juliet said about Romeo that “a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.” Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables,” however, struggled with that notion, saying, “I don’t believe a rose WOULD be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage.”   As I’ve prayed about what […]

Dan Duis

A Note From One of Our Pastor

I don’t remember a time in Shepherd Gate’s 29 year old history that I sensed the Providential Hand of God upon us as I have these pasts months. I’m not sure if we are listening and obeying Him more fully or if He is moved by the numbers of prayers over these many years. All […]