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Knowing Jesus more deeply

Are you in a spiritual rut? Here are a few practical tips to breathe new life and vigor back into your devotional life.

What started as a discipline has become a source of life that brings stability and strength to me.

Part of your quiet time is to get your heart clean and pure. Each of us needs to take ourselves by the nap of our necks and confess and repent before we come into God’s holy presence to fellowship.

When I’m asked a question like, “My fiance and I are interested in a devotional for yet-to-be-married couples living in the mid-Atlantic from different church backgrounds who are both post-millenialists. What do you recommend for us?” my answer is always the same…

The best thing about this new book from tobyMac is that it delivers something many Christians, particularly younger ones, are in desperate need of: good role models who have striven to inspire others through their faith.

Prioritize a daily quiet time, and spending time with God will become a delight instead of a chore.


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“God’s Perfect Faithfulness” By Zach Wood

O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago.” Isaiah 25:1

It’s always an inspiration to read Scriptures that specifically address God’s faithfulness. Who on earth could ever be perfect in faithfulness? There is no one who can promise us this and remain faithful to that promise. God’s faithfulness is never ending.

From the time you get up in the morning to the time you lay your head to rest, you can count on God’s faithfulness to lead you through the day. He is faithful. There is no doubt about it. While everyone else in the world fails us because they are imperfect, we have an awesome God to rely on that is always there and is always perfect in every way.

Isaiah sends this amazing prayer up to the heavens declaring the greatness of our faithful God. He has perfect faithfulness. We can rely on Him no matter what we experience. No matter how deep our pain may become, there is no greater source of faithfulness than God. He has done marvelous things, continues to do so even today and He will be that way forever. Isn’t that a great promise?

Maybe you just need the reminder today as so many around you have failed in their faithfulness. Maybe today you’re struggling and you just need little reminders that God is always there and watching over you.

Isaiah’s words here should echo into our lives each day as we seek to serve and praise our awesome Father. He is the only source of perfect faithfulness we have to rely on. There is none greater and none more powerful.

Zach Wood is minister at Eagle Lake Church of Christ in Eagle Lake, MN. Contact

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