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Making Christ Known in Northern Virginia

Get Connected…

CONNECT Connect with God. Connect with each other. (Acts 2:46-47)

From the earliest days of the church, believers in Jesus have always met in small groups. Small group meetings provide the kind of intimacy that enhances spiritual growth and helps believers feel connected to each other

Shepherd Gate Church has always encouraged its members to be involved in at least one small group in addition to Sunday morning worship. We have seen the lasting love and connections that develop through small groups. They have also been a place to identify emerging leaders and ministries.

What to expect from a small group

Bible Study: Geared to helping you understand the Bible in a relevant way.

Prayer: The members of a small group pray for each other, their families, friends, and the church.

Understanding: You won’t feel left out. You’ll experience understanding and acceptance.

Friendship: Small group meetings build and strengthen friendships, as the members enjoy each other’s company and have fun together.

Laughter: Of course!

Sincere Care: Small groups provide the personalized attention that isn’t possible in larger meetings.

Life Group Information

Why not plan, right now, to make a small group a regular part of your week? Our Life Groups meet at various times and places during the week. For more information about any of our Life Groups, please call Ted & Diane Lane at 703-222-3199 or the church office at 703-961-1040 or email

Nanmarie Hockstra

2nd/4th Monday at 7:30pm Women’s Group

Men's Grop- Rob White

Wednesday at 6am Men's Bible and Breakfast


Thursday 7:30pm Nestors Chantilly Lifegroup


Friday 7:30pm Brigman's Chantilly Life Group

Nanmarie Hockstra
Men's Grop- Rob White