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Spiritual Leadership

Leadership Development Program

 What is Spiritual Leadership?

Henry Blackaby defines it as “moving people onto God’s agenda”. At Shepherd Gate Church we have developed a two part program to help us develop as Spiritual Leaders. Part 1 is a small group study where we will read and discuss the book “Spiritual Leadership” by Blackaby. Part 2 is a free, online learning program titled “Developing Courageous Leaders” developed by John Maxwell’s Equip Ministries and Willow Creek Church. This online learning program consists of 6 modules with each module containing 6 lessons and each lesson having 3 or 4 instructive videos. These videos generally last between 6 and 20 minutes long so each session is able to be done in a short amount of time. These modules provide information to develop different aspects of leadership skills from managing your priorities and attitude to learning how to turn adversity into your advantage as a leader. An overall link to the online training website is here.

Direct links to individual sessions can be found under each module (Look at the sub-menu’s under Spiritual Leadership). A complete word document with the lesson notes is provided for you to download with each module. The lessons notes are also provided below the video screen for each instruction. You can also download the excel spreadsheet with all the links to help you keep track of your progress by clicking here.

For more information about how to get started in this program, contact Doug Dronfield through the Shepherd Gate office.